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The Mentorship

Index Futures



Duration 2 Months

  • This Program is specifically designed for the online platform.

  • At any point, the mentee can revisit the modules.

  • The session will be conducted on ZOOM.

  • Session on Weekends


Process-Based Approach - Directional


  • Arima Based Setups.

  • After the course, one shall master the concepts of Intraday Buying / Selling on the Index Futures.

  • Focus on various case/scenario studies.

Tools - TradingView 

One-Year Validity on Exclusive Prop Tools

  • Volatility Bands ( Price Action ) 

  • Super Trending Clouds ( Directional ) 

  • The Flip ( Buyers Vs Sellers ) Momentum

  • Acc Dis Oscillator ( Over Bought / Sold )

  • Trend Gauge ( Trigger / Resting Zone ) 

*Re-Subscribe after 365 days at 30% discounted price


  • Prop Tools Coded in TradingView.

  • A premium paid version of TradingView is required.

Rules Based 

Put an End to Subjectivity, Clarity on :

  • Over Bought / Sold

  • When Long / Short

  • Predefined Profits

  • Predefined Risk

  • How to Trail Positions

  • Trade with Clarity & Objectivity

Risk : Reward

  • Lowest Risk : Rewards - 1:2

  • Highest Risk : Rewards - 1:4


1 On 1

Discussion with Mentor

We firmly believe that this mentorship program is a learning process and not a subjective course. Based on that belief, each individual will have the opportunity to have regular interactions with Mentor. This will enable in not only clearing all doubts but also be a platform to share trading experiences. On the competition of the mentorship program, each one will be a better version of themselves.

Open House 

Learn via Group Discussions

Open House is group learning platform where mentee’s not only resolve their queries but also develop an idea of fellow trader’s mindset. This phase helps each individual to identify the weak and strong areas. Based on the learning group changes can be made in the learning techniques.


  • Mentorship @ 6,00,000 Only.

  • We don't have a refund policy. 


  • DM us on our WhatsApp to register.

  • We Don't Have Any Other Mode of Communication

  • Click on the links below.

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